Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting the privacy of our clients. We want you to know the type of information collected and how it is used. MJS Financial LLC does not share or sell your personal information with outside companies for their promotional use. Please see the information below for a full explanation of how we collect, use, and protect your personal information.

What data is collected

We do not collect personal information such as names, emails, phone numbers of users on our site that is not willingly given. User data that is given in our application page can include name, email, phone number, address and more. We do collecting user data for google analytics such as region location, age, gender and other interests given by google. This data is only for use internally to better the website functionality and find ability.

How data is being collected

The main data we collect is collected through forms and emails. Demographic data collected for google analytics can be collected through cookies on your browser.

What We are doing with the data.

If you completed a form we use that data to reach out to you as a client to offer our services. If you refuse this data is not sold or shared externally. Data collected for google analytics is used to better and attract more users to the site.

How customers can control their data

You do not need to complete the online form if you do not want to.You can contact us directly for our services. If you want a past form deleted or removed from our database please reach out to [email protected]. If you do not want to use cookies on our site please change that via your browser settings.

How We protect the data

Your data is protected with numerous tactics. One is the SSL certificate on the webpage creating a direct link between the user and the site. We also use enterprise-level Microsoft email and security to protect emails as the come and go.

For More Information

For more information please email [email protected]. Thank you